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Welcome and thanks for your interest in Humimics, Inc.
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Here at HuMimics we are very enthusiastic about the new technology presented by this site and are excited to share it with you. However, before your contact with our latest prototype can begin, there are a few technical chores we need to take care of first (to present the maximum effect). The new web technology you will be seeing requires that you use a small ActiveX component which should only take about a mimute to download and install.  Click on the following link to begin this process.
Required download for speaking head (157KB)t
If your computer is running Microsoft ME or 2000 (and you have installed the required download) then you are ready to proceed to WEB ONE.
If you are using Windows 95 or 98 then you will need to download two Microsoft upgrades which are needed for WEB ONE to talk like a human. Click here to add your text.
Download  MS Windows Speech Engine (7.6MB)
(Also needed) Download Speech API (428KB)